Welcome to a unique Akita rescue service – Akita Save Our Seniors!

We Need Your Help for Jake!!!!

Jake is a rescue dog who is providing a service to his family — especially his mother Jennifer who suffers from PTSD!!
Jake has a tumor/growth on his toe and it prevents him from walking and he is suffering. He needs to have the toe amputated, biopsy, and after care.

This urgent medical attention was needed, but not affordable by the family, who quickly searched for assistance to help this noble dog. ARWNY Akita-SOS immediately responded, approving over $1,400 dollars in urgent procedures and care. Amputating the toe we hope will lead to an end to Jake’s suffering and also allow Jake to continue helping his mom Jennifer handle her PTSD.

Help us to help Jake stay in his loving home! If you can help with anything, it would sure be appreciated!! Jake’s story is posted at https://www.facebook.com/AkitaSOS!
Let’s together help Jake stay in his loving home where he belongs and let’s get him walking again!!

Donate today!!

Help me stay where I am loved!! Jake needs surgery to amputate his toe!!


“Rafa in springtime” Courtesy of Harold & Tora at Akitamanstudios.com

For years, due to overstretched funds and overflowing kennels, rescuers have often had to choose which one to help.  Seniors have waited long and silently for help to come.  Too many passed over.  There are certainly not enough homes to go around and not enough funds to board these homeless dogs.  So what do we do?  How can we allow them to die in a shelter just because they have grown older?

We formed Akita-S.O.S. to offer some solutions to the problem.  S.O.S. is a small group of seasoned rescuers ready to transition away from physical rescue but still satisfy their need to assist the breed they love. The S.O.S. volunteers are answering the call within their hearts to save our senior Akitas in need!

No longer will rescue personnel have to walk away from a silver-faced Akita whose teeth are worn, who is a tad stiff, who needs a hug—these Akitas can remain in their homes.  Most people would never part with their dogs if they had some help keeping them during desperate times.  These dogs have paid their dues, we senior rescue folks have paid our dues, and now we are back to help the seniors.

Magic-framedOur veteran rescue volunteers have worked the shelters for decades.  Combined, our years of experience earn us entry into the SENIOR CENTURION CLUB!!  We are also a little tired, a little old to be out there as much as we have in years past—you could say we are also “seniors!”  Having spent so many years rescuing, rehabilitating, caring for, and re-homing young Akitas, we get exhausted just thinking about it!  We all have had the same dream of retiring from rescue with the old, mature, calm senior Akitas.  We do not want to warehouse these old dogs—what a terrible thought!—we just want them to receive the love and affection they have given us so freely for years.

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