Executive Advisory Board

Barbara Bouyet, Author and Canine Health Consultant, Thousand Oaks, CABarbaraBouyet

“Aging is a natural progression of life. Seniors have spent their lives looking after others without hesitation and now it is time for those others to look after the seniors.  They deserve to spend their remaining years in security, comfort, surrounded by love until the day comes when they are called to leave the earth.  The responsibility for providing for seniors falls on those who love them…children are often called on to care for their senior parents; owners or guardians are also anxious to care for their aging Akitas.  Because we are living in times of turmoil, insecurity and grave financial concerns, we should all become the parents of the seniors–Akitas that is.  By getting involved with SOS, we are giving back just a little to a breed that gave us so much.  We are also helping each other in times that are very frightening.  It is perhaps one of the most unselfish acts any of us have ever accomplished.”

Barbara’s family introduced her to animal welfare when she was a child.  She has worked as a writer for many animal magazines, written books on Akitas, including one that was awarded the Dog Writers Association of America’s Best Breed Book for 1992.  Barbara has built websites for some rescues and breed clubs, and simply does whatever she can to help animals.  Her passion is helping dogs with cancer and she maintains important articles on alternative therapies at www.akitarescue.com.

Her instant love for Akitas led to a quarter century of rescue related activities, culminating in being appointed as National Coordinator for the Akita Rescue Society of America (ARSA).  Her introduction to Leonbergers years ago made that her next breed of choice and she has been owned by them for 17 years.  She maintains websites on health for both breeds, Akitas and Leonbergers.

Her decision to join the Akita SOS Board is simple– she believes that she can make a positive impact on aging Akitas and their owners, and that is the most important thing is life—helping and sharing.


Judy King, Artist and Akita Health/Welfare Advocate, Prescott, AZJudyKing

“When they are babies they romp their way into your heart.

By the time they are adults, they have surpassed all expectation.  Captivated by the ever amazing discovery of all things “Akita”…you’re hooked as an undeniable life partner.

But when they are old, some where at some moment your awareness awakens to the realization that they possess magnificence of spirit.  They are wisdom of the ages embodied in those wise eyes that peer knowingly from a face of frosted gray fur.  They are our teachers, our comforters when we are sad, our strength when we falter.  They have raised our babies, defended our safety, amused us with their moments of “just for us” silliness.  They have graced our lives with theirs.

They deserve in their last days: comfort and security, endless love as they have loved, devotion as they have devoted their life to us.

Why Senior assistance for me now? It’s just time.”

Judy’s love of animals has been lifelong…birds, kittens, dogs, horses, wildlife, and a special tender spot for animals in need.  Judy’s first Akita, in 1980, was an instant and very special love for a magnificent breed.  That love has propelled her into many activities and interests relating to Akitas, their health, care….and preservation of dignity.  From rescue work, endless counseling, to tirelessly searching for alternative methods of natural care giving.  What is best for the Akita is the utmost focus in those endeavors.

Judy and fellow Akita lover and good friend, Pam Tobin established an Arizona chapter of Akita Rescue Society of America, in 1984.  ARSA-AZ, later became Akita Welfare League, Inc.  After many years of physical rescue, the group now focuses on funding; approved health research projects, and Senior Akitas needs.

The girls also partnered in J.P.Teez, etc., est. 1987, producing the highest quality garments and items for Akita lovers.  Artistically, Judy continues to expand her offerings.

Throughout Judy’s years in rescue work, the challenges in finding effective healing treatment, has spawned a curious and investigative fervor for finding alternative ways to heal and maintain good health in the Akita.  Judy owns and is administrator to Natural-Akita, a Yahoo! group devoted to natural methods of care-giving for Akitas (and friends), since 1999.

In loving this breed for so many years, Judy feels its time to bring long needed assistance to aging Akitas and their owners.  Judy contends that “every threatened home of a senior Akita, that we can preserve…will be one less re-homing need for physical rescue groups to locate.  This is a partnership well worth joining……it’s payback to the seniors I have so loved……and the time to do it is now.”


Pam Tobin, Business Owner, Libby, MTpam2

“Having enjoyed the companionship of several older Akitas, I feel they should have the opportunity to live out their final days joyfully and as free from suffering as possible.  It is my hope that S.O.S. will be able to help in this capacity.”

Pam’s journey with Akitas began approximately 30 years ago when she acquired her first Akita.  During this time, she has participated in conformation and obedience training and showing, Akita Rescue, serving on Akita Club of America committees and holding various offices on its Board of Directors.