Funding Assistance Guidelines

deweyframedAkitas-S.O.S. – Save Our Seniors, a non-profit group for senior Akitas, has restrictions on which individual dog fits our program, and what expenses we can cover.  This enables us to continue to have funds available. The board will review each application on a case-by-case basis at its discretion.


  • Akita is Purebred
  • Akita is 9+ years of age
  • Akita has good temperament
  • Akita is spayed/neutered, or scheduled to be, or reason why not advised by veterinarian
  • Akita has a permanent home or permanent foster (NOTE — Permanent foster for a senior Akita differs from short term urgent fostering or boarding in that the foster home is committed to the dog for its lifetime should an adoptive home not be found. Additionally, the foster environment needs to include some indoor living. Kennel residing does not qualify.)
  • Urgent medical need (with good prognosis), therapy or nutritional needs (NOTE — non-emergency and/or routine medical expenses do NOT qualify.)
  • Financial duress (other sources of funding assistance must first be exhausted)

At end of quality of life, S.O.S. may offer assistance with end of life expenses.

Still have questions?  Check out the Details.
If you feel you qualify, head over and fill out the Funding Assistance application and Photo Consent form today.

If a rescue group, head over and fill out the streamlined Rescue Group Application, the Photo Consent Form, and become registered with Akita S.O.S.