Happy Endings

When it comes to success stories, we are thrilled to be part of them and want to share all of these moments with you.
After all, it is YOU who keep Akita-S.O.S. going! We want you to know that Akita-S.O.S. is working for these Akitas and their families.

Enjoy just some of our previous stories of assistance — all possible through your continued support of our mission!

9 years

Carole wrote SOS asking for help with medical costs for her Bella Rosa, her lovely 9 year old senior Akita. Bella Rosa has had some health issues lately that included eye surgery, seizures, and thyroid issues. SOS is covering the cost of Bella Rosa's upcoming testing to be sure her medication is correct and has offered help with other issues also when needed.

ARWNY Akita-SOS wishes Carole many, many more years of happiness with her Bella Rosa!


12 years
North Carolina

Isabelle has enjoyed a wonderful life with mom Kate and now she needs some vet care to assess her ailments. She is not herself and needs to get some of the quality of life back in her step and a sparkle back in her eye!!

ARWNY Akita-SOS is happy to be able to get Isabelle the vet assessment needed to determine what is best for her golden years and to make her days more comfortable!


10 years

What a special love Jake has with his mom Jennifer who suffers from PTSD! Jake is her lifeline and Jake watches over Jennifer and her family carefully -- always by their sides! Sadly Jake got a tumor on his toe and he needed amputation, biopsy, and aftercare. Jake needed surgery so he could walk again and live out his life with the family who so depends on him. ARWNY Akita-SOS was very happy to be able to assist the family and Jake so he could once again take those long walks and have family play time!!

As Jennifer said to ARWNY Akita-SOS, "I so thank everyone that put time into my Jake. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have that giant goofball by my side!"


10 years
North Carolina

Kayla was 10 years young and with her current family since 5 years old! She had a special bond with her dad Elliott -- one that transcended his illnesses and gave him a purpose in life. Sadly Kayla got weak very quickly and couldn't stand or walk. She was suffering. After some testing and neurological consults and her suffering not subsiding, the difficult decision to help Kayla find peace was reached. She was surrounded with the family she loved as she crossed the bridge to wait until she can be reunited with her best buddy Elliott!

Sometimes the kindest thing ARWNY Akita-SOS can provide is end of life assistance with love and dignity and we are so happy we could do that for Kayla and her family that cared so deeply.

10 years

10 year old Marley had been with Nicole since a 6 week old baby from a pet store. Nicole stood by her through many health issues and has been her advocate. Marley has demodectic mange and the stress of a move caused an outbreak. She also had symptoms of a urinary tract infection with bloody urine. Akita-S.O.S. got Marley the vet exam, medications, and follow-up needed to put her back on the road to health in her senior years!

Marley’s mom said “I couldn't even imagine not hearing her "Woo-Woo's" or her coming up to put her paw on my knee or head in my lap when she wants loves.” And ARWNY Akita-S.O.S. agreed – vet care and some medications kept her head in the lap she has known since puppyhood!

10 years

Cooper had been with Christine for a long time. Sadly he was showing signs of eye and skin issues. Christine needed assistance to find relief and a clear diagnosis so treatment could be forthcoming. SOS got Cooper the initial vet exam and medications needed. SOS also got an eye specialist to find the final diagnosis of VKH and secondary glaucoma. Cooper and Christine are a team and she just needed a little help to keep her friend Cooper pain free in his senior years.

ARWNY Akita-S.O.S. was happy to provide some medications and vet exams that assisted Cooper to remain in his loving home with the treatment he deserved and needed!

AND when his time came, we were there again to assist with his crossing the bridge with dignity in Christine's loving arms!

8 years

Kodi was a beloved show dog until her owner died of a brain aneurysm. Sadly her next caregiver then abandoned her along with 4 others in the cold Minnesota winter. A wonderful home came for Kodi but she needed some medical care before being able to be adopted. SOS was happy to assist so this wonderful, loving girl could find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! And that she did – now being loved as an indoor sole Akita with her new family!

ARWNY Akita-S.O.S. – helping one Akita at a time to be in a loving home!

10 years
New Jersey

Kira's owner Alicia, took Kira in when she was a senior Akita. Alicia had never owned an Akita but just loved her smiling face and felt that she could be the right dog to get Alicia motivated to exercise and walk. Kira needed a home, Alicia needed to get healthy again after a medical scare -- it was meant to be, and they have helped each other get back on track to loving life again. However, when Kira needed dental work and a tumor removed from her foot, Alicia's meager SS Income wasn't enough to pay those bills -- so Alicia was directed to SOS. SOS took care of the expenses so Kira could be back out walking with Alicia and Alicia could stop stressing about money and enjoy life with Kira again. When the vet told Alicia that SOS was paying all vet services, Alicia burst into tears and said, "What a wonderful organization -- who knew such wonderful people still exist?"

This is one Senior Akita that won't end up in rescue or a shelter, thanks to SOS!!

8 years
New Jersey

We were recently contacted by Andre in Northern NJ. He has been out of work and now had to have his hip replaced. We talked to him in the hospital to see what we could do to help him. Because of this re-work on his hip, he would be in rehab for six weeks. This meant, his beloved Mitzie had to be kenneled for the 6 weeks of his rehab, as he had no family to care for her. Andre was worried about the cost but had no intention of giving her up, he adores her, so was seeking help in any form. The SOS board discussed what would be best for Mitzie at her age -- and felt that since she knows the vet's office and staff so well, it would not be best to move her in case at her age, it would upset her too much.So SOS called the vet's office that is kenneling Mitzie and we offered to pay 1/2 the bill for Mitzie. The vet's office was so surprised that a group would offer help of this kind and were very pleased to work with SOS!! They sent us some pics of happy Mitzie at the vet's office so we could see how well she is doing in their care!! Isn't she a dollbaby? What a happy face!!.

THIS is what your support of ARWNY Akita-S.O.S helps us to do!! THANK YOU!!

9 years

Ali is a retired police dog who had been through so much. His previous owner who was a police officer, was diagnosed with dementia and accidentally surrendered him to the wrong organization. Ali was scheduled to be put down for no other reason than a simple mistake. A great young couple went to a shelter and adopted Ali within hours of being put down. He is an amazing dog, and deserves every chance in the world to be happy and healthy. Ali, developed a baseball sized lump on his face. In order to diagnose and treat it, the vet estimate was $900. He needed to have x-rays, the fluid drained from the lump and ear, and a biopsy to see if it was an abscess tooth or worst case scenario, a tumor. This is not a position anyone wants to be in, but the couple asked for donations to help Ali. They had the love he needed, but unfortunately, could not afford such a large vet bill. ARWNY Akita-S.O.S. was pleased to cover the bill for this retired service dog. It turned out not to be cancer and follow-up treatment was $300.

ARWNY Akita-S.O.S. is thrilled Ali can live many more years with the couple that adore him and can mend his broken heart! GOSH a retired service dog deserves some help also in their senior years!

10 years
Virginia Beach, VA

Lyle was found wandering down a highway in the Outer Banks, NC. He was in really rough shape, heartworm positive, and ended up being taken in by the local SPCA. He was able to be helped by Kira Brown of Rakki-Inu Akita Rescue. Once with her, it became obvious he was a permanent foster! With being severely arthritic and heartworm positive, Lyle deserved a soft bed to call his own surrounded with consistent love and a quiet routine. Kira needed help with his heartworm treatment and vet expenses.

ARWNY Akita-SOS was happy to help this deserving senior especially knowing he had landed a permanent home who knew best how to help his many needs! AND we even sent that warm cushy bed he needed to help his orthopedic problems while he recuperated from heartworm treatment!

10 years

Ridley had a distended abdomen and was not himself for over a week. His owner could not afford a vet visit and contacted SOS to assist. SOS helped find a vet, paid for a consult, testing, and treatment. The owner was then able to provide the follow-up care and Ridley remains in the home he has known since being rescued 7 years ago at age 3.

Through proper diagnosis and treatment, we hope Ridley enjoys the love of his mom for many more years!

10 years

Grannie Annie is one of many dogs seized by Oregon Humane Society. When Annie was released by the current owner, SOS helped the local Akita Rescue (WAG) to find a permanent foster home with Lisa who was the animal control officer who originally worked with Annie and fell in love with her -- how could you not with that face. With Annie in her now forever, permanent foster home, SOS agreed to assist with some follow-up vet care and nutritional needs. Annie has been through a lot including recent surgery for a mammary tumor and severe dental issues. For less than $500, this wonderful Akita senior ambassador can live her golden years in loving arms and a home that will provide for her every need! WAY TO GO GRANNIE ANNIE and Lisa!!

Enjoy your new life Grannie Annie surrounded with loving care!

9 years

Rhuorc & Takirra needed some medications for thyroid and arthritis as well as a general heartworm and flea prevention. Both were in good health as long as the medications were supplied along with a prescription food. Their caregiver got a bit behind after several unexpected medical bills and needed a little assistance so they could remain healthy and HOME!!

A little expense leads to a big gain -- a loving, forever home!!

AND when Takirra recently passed, SOS was able to provide a private cremation so she could come back to remain in her home forever surrounded with her loved ones!

17 years
New York

Precious Ruby had a hard life -- locked inside a too small crate 23 hours a day in a non-ventilated shed, in a yard, with little human contact. Luckily, she was rescued by Pat -- a kind person who showed her love for over a year. Sadly, at an estimated 16 plus years, Ruby was diagnosed with a severe external mammary tumor, most likely cancerous, several other tumors, and orthopedic and sight issues. Her lack of a quality of life showed it was time for her to cross the bridge but the loving home she had now was unable due to financial issues of their own and the recent stroke of Pat's husband. At times like this, SOS's mission is to provide relief for all and assist with a humane end of life. Ruby was able to cross the bridge in the loving arms of Pat and to be cremated and returned to her home and Pat.

In Pat's words --
You and your organization will be in our thoughts as 'ALL TIME' LIFE SAVERS!

Rest in peace sweet Ruby and to Pat, our thanks to you for providing a happy ending to a tragic life.

14 years

Anka was saved by WAG and was pulled from the Clackamas County Animal Shelter in March 2013 and is in permanent foster care. He is approximately 14 years old. Anka will never be adopted but his foster family has committed to caring for him for the rest of his life. And to make the decision to euthanize him when appropriate. They already have a senior dog of their own adopted thru WAG and have provided Anka a warm, caring home for him to spend his remaining days in. SOS was asked for help with his pain meds and his Fortiflora so we are helping with monthly costs to keep him as pain free as possible at his age so his quality of life stays high. No one knows how many months or even years ANKA has but we were so happy to be able to help with Anka‘s medicine costs!!

SOS was so happy to help Anka get this peaceful, happy face! Preventive rescue and hands-on rescue working together to help one senior Akita at a time!!

9 years

SOS was first made aware of Sushi, a 9 yr old female Akita in Michigan needing help, when we were copied to a post on FB about a pair of Akitas in need of medical help. Denise, their owner had been divorced by her husband, their home sold and she was moving to Florida to a condo. Sushi, the female in the pair, was suffering from flea allergies, loosing her hair and having breathing issues. Finally the owner Denise did reach out to SOS and ask for help. We were happy to have Sushi see a local vet, who was kind enough to do as we asked, even volunteering to be on our SOS Map! Sushi was given a Vet exam, clipping of the hot spot areas, urinalysis (they said she had a bad UTI and as she walked in the office she urinated with blood clots), cephalexin, and gentamicin spray for hot spots. After caring for Sushi, we had hoped their owner was going to work to keep them together with her but we learned after our help was given, that they were instead going to be up for adoption.

SOS was happy to help Sushi when she needed some relief!!

10 years
Puerto Rico

Here is a letter from Carolina, Lobo’s owner – she tells his tale so much better than we can! Click the story of Lobo link to read the story!!

The story of Lobo (pdf download)

T0 Akita SOS thank you for saving my family and God bless all of you.

14 years and 10 years

When their owners moved and left them behind, with no food or water, I am sure Hercules & Patches thought their lives were at the end. After they were found weeks later, their story was made public and pleas were made to SOS to help. So help we did -- we mustered our ARWNY forces, found them a wonderful permanent foster home with John Newland, got them healthy and then worked with John to find a permanent home of their own!! These senior boys are devoted to each other so we needed to keep them together. But they needed little -- just a safe warm loving home who would give them the love they deserve.

SUE AND STEVE thanks for opening your hearts to them.....they are so loving, they will be a joy a long time!

UPDATE: When Hercules and Patches were ready to find relief from this world, Sue and Steve were with them as was SOS to assist! RIP sweet ones!

11 years

Hanisu was the saddest case of any we have dealt with in SOS since our start. She was approx 11-13 yrs old, having been adopted by Pat from a local Akita rescue when she was around 2 to 3 yrs of age. Pat loved her and kept her happy and healthy for the next 8 yrs until Pat herself fell on hard times. At the same time Pat received a heart pump, her husband filed for divorce and Pat had to leave her home and move back to AZ. While hospitalized, Pat found that Hanisu had stopped eating, gotten sick and stopped receiving the care she needed. Struggling with finances and being told by the rescue she adopted from that they could not help financially, Pat contacted SOS. We immediately went to work, getting Hanisu set up with a local vet we had on our SOS map in AZ, who started treating Hanisu immediately, putting her on thyroid meds, 2 types of eye medicinations and a good quality food. But unfortunately she had been sick for too long before SOS was contacted and Hanisu kept going downhill. Sadly Hanisu became so ill that she could not keep food in her system and the decision was made by her owner to let Hanisu go “over the bridge” held in Pat’s arms.

RIP sweet Hanisu, no longer are you in pain or suffering in any way.

11 years
New York

Being blind was difficult enough for Rocky -- but his health issues hit him hard and a much needed operation was beyond his owner's ability to pay. She appealed to SOS for our help, so we worked with her vet to be sure we could help Rocky to live a wonderful full life with his owner Christine and his female companion Cleo. With a lot of wonderful vet care, Rocky went back home and his Mom & Cleo couldn't be happier!!

THIS makes SOS happy -- this is what we set up this system to do and its WORKING!!

14 years
North Carolina

Here at S.O.S. we have been helping FOXY, a sweet senior whose owner sadly passed away, so his mom took her in. Despite being on a limited income, Mom so loved Foxy that she wanted to keep her safe and healthy but money was an issue and she had a hard time with vet bills -- when she reached out to us, we were happy to work things out for Foxy. We are helping with managing her arthritis and doctor visits. Without our help, Foxy would not have been able to live with her mom and would have suffered.

This is SOS at work and we couldn't be more proud to help fabulous senior Akitas like this!

12 years

Cora lives on her small pension check that barely covers living expenses for her. But the idea of not being able to provide vet care for her beloved rescued-as-a-senior Akita, Pandi, did not sit well with Cora. She refused to skimp on proper vet care for Pandi even if it meant using her rent money.

When she found out about SOS, she simply asked us to speak with her vet to see what more could be done for Pandi's vestibular syndrome, and we were happy to step in and help with expenses.

Learn more about Canine Vestibular Disease (pdf download)

Sadly Pandi's disease isn't one that can be cured, but as long as we can help to make her life more comfortable, that's what SOS is happy to do. The love Cora has for her Pandi is remarkable considering she has only had Pandi in her life for a few short months.

Helping Cora to be able to share her life with Pandi was a wonderful thing!

9 years

SOS was very pleased to be able to help Tipper, a senior Akita in the Pocono area of PA, who needed a biopsy and removal of two small lesions on her eye lid. Her owner, Sharon, who has been dealing with her own issues, loves Tipper so much, and wanted to be sure Tipper got the help needed. We just got this note from Sharon about Tipper:

"Everything is going very well for Tipper, recovering nicely. I just want to thank you so very much for helping Tipper and if in the future if there is anything I can do to help in any way as for helping another family or make small donations please email me. We are praying that the biopsy comes back OK."

Sharon, we were happy to help Tipper and your vet was wonderful to work with!! We are happy Tipper will be comfortable having had the lesions removed and look forward to more pics of Tipper coming our way!

9 years

Doc was dumped in a shelter and pulled by a caring rescuer who did have a permanent foster home available and waiting. But Doc needed some immediate medical attention. He had little to no hair but otherwise seemed happy and so loving and passed all temperament tests. S.O.S. paid for vet diagnostic fees including CBC, thyroid profile, and skin punch biopsy. Doc did have SA but it is being managed and just look at the happy boy with his permanent foster mom!

A minimal monetary amount, rescue helping rescue, and a senior dog was able to enjoy a loving home environment for his golden years!


11 years

Toby's family contacted us for help. He was having digestive difficulty, some spinal discomfort, and a skin tag over his eye that he had rubbed raw. The family had financial difficulties and could not afford the vet fees to attend to his issues. They asked for any help that S.O.S. could give this wonderful old dog saying "...it would mean the world to me. It breaks my heart that I've been put in this position."

A family that cared and reached out was priceless. S.O.S. was able to have our Advisory Board member, Dr. Rachel Peeples, DVM right near them attend to Toby's need. Minimal cost, a home of love, what could be better!


10 years

Georgia was dumped in a shelter with severe dental needs. Luckily a rescue was willing to pull her and permanently foster her so she would have a chance at a happy ending! S.O.S. assisted knowing a permanent foster was available and Georgia got the vet care she needed so she can again be pain free, safe, loved, and able to flash her pearly whites at the world!

Rescued at the last moment and now able to share her wonderful personality and love of life in a loving permanent foster!


11 years

Kaz was confiscated from his original owners for neglect. Placed in a kill shelter in Merced, CA he was pulled with NO time left. Kaz had a wonderful forever home waiting for him in WI. We were contacted because funds fell short for the transport and he needed some dental work and vet care for thyroid and arthritis once at his new home where his family was waiting for him with his new Greenbay Packers collar and leash.

A senior dog was able to be in a loving home -- happy and loved and comfortable! Being Bills fans, we won't comment on the Packers issue! Be happy Kaz!


12 years

A beloved permanent foster, Mitsu had a recurrent mammary carcinoma suspected. She is spayed and was with her beloved family who needed some help with vet fees to make sure what was happening and get some relief for her. S.O.S. was able to assist with an oncology consult and some medicines and now the family is working with special ozone therapies to provide relief and quality of life.

A minimal monetary amount, and a senior dog was able to remain in a loving home being comfortable until the end of life decision is right for her!


10 years

Belle is a dearly loved Akita, but the owner could not afford any more treatment and considered putting her to sleep because she did not want Belle to suffer. LUCKILY the owner contacted a local Akita person who contacted Akita-S.O.S. Belle, now age 10, was adopted at one year of age from a home that mistreated her. Belle had a severe kidney infection then, which was treated and had been fine since then. However, recently she had blood in her urine. She also had very bad skin -- bald tail with a large bald patch spreading to the back and other areas. The current owner borrowed money and took her to the vet who did treat the urinary tract infection. But her skin remained a bad issue.

The current owner lived in a rental and on limited income. She couldn't afford expensive vet visits and was feeding Belle a known high sugar content grocery store food because it's what she could afford.

So -- Akita-S.O.S. had the local Akita person visit the home for a check. The evaluator reported back the following: "She is a lovely woman who dearly loves this Akita. She cried at the thought of having to put her down because she couldn't afford to help Belle and didn't want her to suffer. Belle has a flea infestation and a flea allergy - you can see that her tail is bald and her back above the tail is too. The owner said that at some point she was told that Belle had a yeast infection in her skin."

Akita-S.O.S. bought a good quality food and sent it to the current owner, along with some supplements and flea medication. A phone conference was made to educate the home about quality foods and the difference they could make to overall health. A local supplier of food was found at an affordable price for future purchases. Akita-S.O.S. also secured a free grooming appointment (thank you Kira Brown, an ARWNY adopter and local rescue person) and paid a vet recommended in the area a discounted fee for a thyroid profile and assessment.

Belle is now healthier and happy in the home that loves her. A follow-up visit was made at 2 months. Everything remained positive. Belle's mom called a month later for another report as well and it was reported that she was in tears on the phone and said: "I can't imagine in this day and age that there are people so willing to help as you are -- I was bowled over by your kindness!"

Education, a minimal monetary amount ($204), and a senior dog was able to remain in a loving home and not put to sleep or surrendered to a shelter for a local rescue to have to make a dreaded decision over!


11 years

On our Facebook page we received the following message:
"The picture I posted is several years old, but that is how he always looks to me. Even though he has lost most of his coat and can't carry himself with the same stature as in his prime, not a walk goes by where someone (usually several someones) comments on how beautiful my dogs are. I believe that a large part of what they're seeing and commenting on (especially with him) is the beauty that has nothing to do with their physical appearance. Anyway, he started having problems toward the end of April and the vet put him on a 30 day course of antibiotics which cleared him up, but after a couple weeks it started coming back. When I called the vet she renewed the antibiotic script but told me if it recurred after that course he would need to come in for another exam and tests. It has been about 3 weeks since completing the 2nd course, and the infection has come back with a vengeance. I have been giving him baths with oatmeal shampoo and a medicated conditioner which gives him some short term relief but does nothing to address the cause. The bottom line is he needs to go to the vet but I cannot afford another trip at this time. If there is any help available I would be inexpressibly grateful. As I stated in my post except for the discomfort of this infection problem he is an otherwise alert, happy, healthy, extraordinary Akita."

And so the Kodiak case began. Again a loving owner who stood by his dogs but Kodiak was diagnosed at age 5 with SA and now was suffering. When we had a phone conference with the owner, he said: "First I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and anyone else who has taken an interest in Kodiak's well being. Of course I am familiar with Barbara--hers was one of the books I read when I was getting ready for Kodiak way back when. I am honored to know she is involved. My situation is not (unfortunately) unusual these days; in the early fall of '08 I lost my very good job and remained unemployed for the next year, at which time I had used up all my savings, lost my house and had to move. Fortunately, I was able to find an affordable rental which allowed me to have my dogs, but I continued to struggle for the next year with un/under-employment. In the winter of '11 I finally got full time work in my trade (which is why on my app. the salary is listed as projected, as I have not yet been on this job a year), and though I'm doing ok, not as well as I was or should be, I have accumulated so much debt in the last two years that there is nothing extra in my income for savings or unforeseen expenses."

First we tried a conservative approach but then after 3 weeks, a vet visit was required. After a phone call with a local vet, a discount was secured and an appointment made. The underlying cause of the secondary skin infection was determined to be flea infestation. A smear for fungal infection was negative. Skin scraping was positive for bacterial infection. Thyroid profile was run. A course of Temarl-p along with antibiotics and a medicated shampoo was secured. A follow-up visit at 6 weeks was requested.

Kodiak, a senior Akita, was able to stay in his loving home after some education, vet care, and supplements.

12 years
New Jersey

Wolfie is a beloved member of the family but needed some help. The owner was working part time for 2 years and at a drastically reduced rate of pay and could not afford the vet fees for a geriatric check-up, thyroid panel, and medications. Wolfie had started to lose weight and was lethargic and going downhill fast. He had been on Soloxine and a re-check was needed.

All it took was a vet visit, tests, and geriatric profile, and new prescription for thyroid meds and Wolfie is MUCH better -- back to eating and enjoying life.

Total: $193 and we have a healthy 12 year old at home where he belongs!!


9 years

Tuffy lived with a family that was foreclosed upon and sadly she was left in the house. A kind neighbor heard of the predicament and rescued Tuffy. Tuffy was able to go to a home that loved her but they did not have money for extras! They did however have a home and plenty of love. So the rescuer and the new family contacted us.

Tuffy had suffered for years with entropian and was suffering. The new home has small children and Tuffy moved right in: loving them, other dogs and cats, and just is amazing. Money was raised to assist, but not enough. A local surgeon gave a greatly reduced rate for the surgery.

So Akita-S.O.S. paid the surgeon the remaining price and Tuffy had entropian surgery, and is pain free for the first time in years and can live out the remaining years happily with a new family that TRULY adores her!

Less than $450 and this Akita Tuffy has a priceless ending!!


10 years
New Hampshire

An animal control officer ARWNY had worked with contacted us about an abuse seizure case. Jessie needed help. She needed a thyroid test, microchip, spaying, and other vet fees.

$475 was raised and sent directly to the vet to assist Jessie. When she had rehabbed enough, Big East Akita Rescue (BEAR) agreed to permanently foster Jessie or find her a forever loving home.