Akita-S.O.S. is very sad to learn that our Vice President, Kathy DeWees, lost her special boy.

Zeus was one of 4 dogs Akita Rescue of Western New York pulled when their supposed ethical breeder left them in the cold and snow of upstate NY while he went to Florida. They were in kennel runs with ratty dog houses not sufficient for the elements, no indoors, and no water. The son who was supposed to come and feed them didn’t. A highway worker noticed one frozen to death in the kennel and called animal control, who seized the 4 remaining live dogs and then called us at ARWNY. We took them, and Zeus went to live with Kathy, who had just lost her other male. He went blind, but lived 3 wonderful years with her!

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Akita-S.O.S. featured in the AKC Gazette!

“The world and its current economic condition have caused a shift in owner surrender of aging Akitas at what should be a secure and relaxing time in their lives.  What do families do if they can’t afford to care for their aging Akita and are facing the horrifying possibility of surrendering the dog because their budget is stretched to its limit?”

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