Senior Special Needs

kuroframedElderly, Aging, Mature—whatever label you choose, it means time is passing and your Akita is entering a new phase of life.  Some changes are inevitable!  There are many things that you can do to keep your dog healthy and happy.  Seniors have special needs, and we’d like to offer some ways to help you support your Akitas during the “golden years.”  With proper care, you can help keep their lives as wonderful as can be.

Bullet2Please remember: ultimately, love is the most important health-related “supplement” that you can provide!

General Info about Seniors:

  • All About Bloat — Description, signs and symptoms, what to do if you suspect your dog is bloating!
  • Aging Dogs — A general list of basic needs for aging dogs from the American Kennel Club.
  • Kinjo-framedAging Signs — Exactly how old is your dog?  Here is a chart that may offer some insights into your dog’s age.
  • Caring for Older Dogs and Cats — Aging means that our bodies have lost some of their ability to produce and/or absorb nutrients.  By adding a few supplements to the diet, you may be able to avoid some common health problems.  Read more about some of these suggested supplements and how to use them.
  • Common Diseases of Senior Dogs — The diseases that affect aging dogs are somewhat similar to those that affect us.  In most cases, these problems can be managed, which means making your Akita comfortable and giving you a lot more time to build memories together!  Kita-framedLearn more about these common conditions.
  • Dog Illnesses — What is wrong with my dog?  Discover about the common illnesses in dogs, skin conditions and health problems in dogs, ailments and how to care for your dog during an illness.
  • Veterinarians — Ask a question, get an answer ASAP!   You pay a small fee, but the advice is worth more than the price you pay.  With some professional advice, you can decide what is the next best step for your Akita.
  • Choosing Euthanasia For Your Pet — When the time comes, how will you decide?  Learn about important things to consider when your pet’s quality of life is no longer what it once was.
  • When to Put a Dog to Sleep — If dogs could talk, the process of putting a pet to sleep would be much easier.  Read about a veterinary assistant’s take on the toughest decision a dog owner can make.

Learn about signs and symptoms of arthritis in your Akita, and view options for treatment and pain management!Bullet2