Jessica and Cash volunteer as Webmaster and Muse

Jessica and Cash volunteer as Webmaster and Muse

You Can Make A Difference!
Many people who are truly concerned with animal welfare are unable to make a financial contribution to organizations they would like to help.

If you fall into this category, we understand, but S.O.S. can use your help as a volunteer! If you would like to volunteer some of your time to help us, please contact us at akitaSOS@akitaSOS.com and let us know your area of interest.

Through the generous support of our fundraising program, S.O.S. is able to activate our program of assisting senior Akitas in need, enabling them to remain with their owners through funding. But we need volunteers to help us continue forward – a national program will need many people to assist to keep it running.

As a national program, we need to add to our network of veterinarians willing to give senior discounts for our program.  We also are always on the hunt for dog food suppliers and other pet care suppliers throughout the nation willing to assist us in keeping a senior Akita in their home.

tsugi-framedCan you do a home check? Help with transport to a vet appointment? Check out veterinarians to see if they will offer a discount? Check out local pet care suppliers to see if they will assist? Or even write a grant? Pet owners can apply directly to S.O.S. or obtain services through a referral by a veterinarian.

If you’d like to volunteer, please fill out this online Volunteer Form and submit it to us. We need help with:

  • Transport
  • Veterinary Research
  • Pet Care Supplier Research
  • Vet/Clinic Referral
  • Website/Marketing
  • Grant Writing and Research
  • Business/Corporate Sponsors

You can also help to S.O.S. by making a bequest or donation.
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