erinhome4-framedAkita-S.O.S. is a Pro-active Assistance Program
We believe that every senior Akita should be able to live out its life in the home they have occupied all their lives.  They should not have to die alone and frightened in a shelter or at the hands of strangers.

To that end, S.O.S. strives to help keep senior Akitas from losing their homes by offering help with special needs such as emergency veterinarian costs, special foods/supplements/medications, and orthopedic needs such as special beds, ramps, harnesses and collars to families who cannot afford to provide these things for their senior Akita due to financial constraints in today’s economy.




How our Program Works
We also work to establish regional links with veterinary clinics across the United States.  Veterinary clinics and private pet owners let us know when there is a senior Akita facing euthanasia or surrender because of financial limitations.  This is where SAVE OUR SENIORS comes in!  Working together with the clinic, we verify that the senior Akita owner is unable to provide the funds needed to save their sick or injured pet.  We then make financial arrangements with the clinic and authorize the treatment needed to save the senior Akita.  No monies are sent to the owner–instead we pay the veterinarian directly, or send the necessary food or supplies direct to the home.  The owner is never asked to reimburse S.O.S. for any of the money provided to save their senior Akita.  Follow-up visits and care are also given to insure the Akita helped remains in good stead.

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