postergraphic gold-700At Akita-S.O.S. we believe that age is not a disease; it is a natural progression, and the puppies of today will become the seniors of tomorrow.  If you love a breed, you love them at all stages and all ages!  Work with us, join us, and become part of the solution.

The Volunteers of SAVE OUR SENIORS firmly believe
in these 5 guiding principles

  • We believe that senior Akitas make a positive contribution to everyone’s quality of life and have much to teach each family about giving unconditional love, patience, loyalty and responsibility.
  • We believe that every senior Akita deserves the chance to live out their remaining years, months or even days being given the best possible care by those they already know and love.
  • We believe that at times, it is necessary to help make an appropriate decision on ending the life of a senior Akita if that quality of life has deteriorated greatly or the Akita has become a danger to itself or to others.
  • We will always offer educational support, advocacy and the sharing of best practices to every person who owns a senior Akita and needs our help and guidance.
  • We will always be open and honest in our decisions when helping senior Akitas and vow that every penny donated to our treasury will go towards helping senior Akitas.

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